Fruitland Augusta

The history of Augusta is much more than golf. Once home to one of the largest Peach Farms in the 19th century, “Fruitland Nurseries”. Berckmans, known as the “Father of Georgia Peaches” produced over 300 varieties of peaches as well as many other kinds of fruit trees. Some describe Fruitland as a “ Southern Horticulture Mecca”. By the time of Berckmans death millions of peach trees had been planted allowing Georgia to become forever known as the Peach State. Soon after, a group of investors including Bobby Jones purchased the land and designed the course that is recognized worldwide as Augusta National Golf Club. Today, Augusta is known for golf while peach production has become a faded memory. Augusta will always be the place that put Georgia on the map as the "Peach State" with its humble beginnings at Fruitland and the vision of the Berckmans family. Fruitland Augusta produces a beautiful spirit to remind us  how delicious the velvety skin of Augusta can be. With Peach season coming to a close, Trackside introduces Fruitland Peach Vodka to help us keep Georgia on our mind. Try something new today. Ask your server or bartender about Fruitland Cocktail options.